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Gather new, data-informed ideas for optimization or perform analytics
health-check and user research by industry leaders


Digital Analytics health-check

We ensure you can trust your data and everything that needs to be measured is being measured for valid users behaviour analysis (goals, funnels & event tracking setup)

  • Trustworthy data
  • Best practices for GA account setup
  • Goals, funnels & events working properly

Never miss on insight of your customer's interactions with your store by saving the User ID

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Enhanced Digital Analytics setup

We configure Enhanced Google Analytics setups to understand every user’s journey.

  • eCommerce data layer and tag manager event setup
  • Bounce back pages optimization
  • Shopping behaviour funnel setup

How to find valuable insights with Google Data Studio?

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User Research & Voice of Customers

Who are your customers? We get this answer from data and apply such qualitative research practices as user interviews and surveys to get to know your customers better than their best friend do!

  • User Personas building
  • User interviews & surveys
  • Live Chat analysis

User Personas - a way to get to know your customers

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Data-driven Conversion Research

We proceed with the Conversion Research, which has two main purposes: get key insights about the customers and the website itself; generate conversion based graphical design suggestions based on identified hypothesis.

  • Identifying and solving conversion path issues
  • Cohort analysis, ideal customer profile
  • Optimal navigation path, improved IA

Not even close to magic - Jaguar online store audit

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Heuristic Analysis

Heuristic Analysis helps to familiarize with the website architecture, URL structure and map out the “problem areas” which are afterward validated or invalidated using data. Heuristic analysis serves as an input for creating a hypothesis.

  • Identifying sources of user frictions and removing them
  • eCommerce expert opinion and website walkthrough

The Perfect Checkout form

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Validation of prototype usability

We prepare an interactive prototype to validate user journey during onsite interviews before actual development work has been started. We love to fail fast, learn from errors and improve!

  • Eye-tracking laboratory
  • Data-driven validation of UI efficiency
  • Converting customers user journey

User interviews for HappySocks.com

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Sitemaps & Customers journey mapping

We map your customer profiles with every page validating their expectations, feeling, actions and opportunities for every journey stage and traffic source.

  • Information Architecture validation
  • Users motivation analysis
  • Identifying factors affecting buying decisions

How Google Analytics helps to improve navigation of 230+ menu items

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Technical SEO audit guide

Technical SEO audit aims to analyse and evaluate the on-site technical search engine ranking factors and check that a given project in a given time period has a correct technical setup from the SEO perspective.

  • SEO strategy execution
  • eCommerce focused optimization
  • Regular Technical SEO health-checks

Technical SEO audit - why and when you need to perform it

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Copywriting & Product Messaging

We create copy that converts. Great copy is about persuasion - telling a compelling, engaging and narrative-based argument to convince the customer that clicking that CTA, buying that product, subscribing to that newsletter is the natural next step.

  • Discovering and capitalizing on value propositions
  • Copy tailored to Users & User Personas
  • CTAs, Product Descriptions, Articles, Whitepapers and more
  • SEO optimized content

The Basics of Influencer marketing — What, How, Why?

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We help retailers all around the globe optimize their Checkouts and see the direct impact of the improvements in their bank accounts.

  • Optimization program based on user research
  • Prioritized list of “low-hanging fruits” and A/B tests
  • Improvement success evaluation

Reduce cart abandonment rate by optimizing checkout experience

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